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AccelOne and T-Mobile have a concept for a customer-rewards platform app to create an ecosystem benefiting a telecom company, users, and digital ad companies by rewarding customers who opt-in to sharing their personal-data. Currently, all telecoms collect personal data off of their customers, but customers aren’t always aware of this fact and those that are don’t know exactly what data is being collected. T-Mobile can change this through transparent communication with their customers, fitting of the T-Mobile Un-carrier brand, and rewarding them for their personal data.

T-Mobile puts their customers first, and this platform would maintain this approach. T-Mobile has changed the telecom game by providing freedom from contracts as they have become the Un-carrier brand. T-Mobile customers appreciate the honesty and customer first approach to business, and with this in mind the customer-rewards platform being proposed would fit this model—open communication and an opt-in approach to what personal data is being collected and shared with companies.


The Client

AccelOne came to our team with few details on a customer-rewards concept app to pitch to T-Mobile which will reward users for tailored access to their personal-data, that T-mobile will then market to businesses seeking a targeted client pool.

Aspects to include

  • Rewarding users with monetary discounts for participation.

  • Transparency with user regarding gathering of personal-data.

  • Gamification.

  • Downloadable apps—including Movie Pong.

AccelOne & T-Mobile

The Problem

AccelOne came to us with a business model that would have a user download an app through T-Mobile and then choose a genre of ads and notifications that they would like to receive periodically. We were asked to create a platform fitting the presented model, but with this opportunity we saw a chance to improve upon the prompt.

The Hurdles:

  1. Innovate on a customer-rewards program platform concept; from ideation to high-fidelity designs  with few provided details.

  2. Convince T-Mobile customers to share personal data for rewards.

  3. Creating a successful gamification plan for incentivizing continued use of the app.




An app that serves as the center of a business ecosystem for T-Mobile, and leverages the T-Mobile un-carrier Brand

Building a Business Ecosystem:  My team designed a platform for a user-rewards (loyalty) app that will benefit telecom companies, users, and digital ad companies thru access to user’s data sharing. We created an ecosystem that will deliver highly detailed customer/user data from T-Mobile users to businesses who wish to deliver targeted content. The result of this work will create an environment where users feel more comfortable sharing their personal mobile data in exchange for gifts and rewards. 

The Users

We used survey results, user-interviews, and internet research to develop two proto-personas. We found that there are two main types of users who would engage our app.  Sarah represents the population of users who we would expect to most easily use our app, and James represents users who would be less likely to use our app, but telecoms would like to gather more data on.



We discovered through survey and interview results that users are not comfortable sharing their personal data, but could be swayed through rewards such as monetary compensation. Additionally, users are familiar with rewards programs using points, dollars, and/or discounts.



COmparative Analysis

Rewards Programs:  We reviewed several businesses who incorporated gamification into the business model for their rewards program. We researched their strategies in order to recognize industry trends and improve upon current models. A few platforms that we chose to focus on were Starbucks, Nordstrom, Chase Sapphire, and Amazon. These very different companies all incorporated incentives and gamification into their rewards platform.  

Rally Health an example of Gamification:  One stand-out company that we researched is Rally Health. Rally Health is an app start-up that uses conventional free-to-play app game conventions to the health and wellness community. Rally’s successful approach to gamifying health and wellness management works because of careful analysis of human behavioral psychology. The successful on-boarding program used in Rally Health inspired our T-Mobile on-boarding experience. 





We began to ideate and sketch out screens beginning with onboarding as it was deemed the most important for initially gaining the trust of the users.

screens 4_10.jpg
screens 4_11.jpg


User Testing:  When we first designed the on-boarding process we tried to engage the gameification component and make on-boarding a game too. However, this design was not successful in informing our user about the app, causing confusion about how the app works. We took the feedback we received from user-testing, and changed our strategy entirely. We updated the copy to be direct and transparent, just like T-Mobile's brand.

User Testing:  Total on-boarding overhaul:  In addition to changing our on-boarding strategy to be direct, and our app to be gamified, we found that users were confused by what we meant in saying "User Data".  Further testing will be needed to streamline this copy to educate


  • AccelOne will pitch our design concept to T-Mobile in 2017, using our research and findings to leverage the benefits of this profitable ecosystem as an asset to the un-carrier brand.  

  • My team also prepared a white-label interface for AccelOne to pitch to Sprint and AT&T.  

  • We developed the platform and interface that will handle the new business model, and now T-Mobile will have the opportunity to make it profitable!

  • We recognize a strong need for copy which would need be tailored to inform and build trust between T-Mobile and their users.

  • We found that users were confused by what we meant in saying "User Data" and "Personal Data". Further testing will be needed to streamline this copy to inform users to T-Mobile's desired open up the regarding transparency with regards to collecting personal-data.