Client: The Radio Collar Podcast

Year: 2017

Roles: UX Design Strategy and Graphic Design

Goal: Logo for The Radio Collar Podcast 

Tools: Adobe Illustrator

The Radio Collar


The Radio Collar is a podcast hosted by working research biologists who want to breakdown the myths tied to wildlife research and help every day people to understand how real research works.

Podcasts are quickly becoming the way people are gathering new information, and the hosts of The Radio Collar want to tap into this growing medium for education.

The Radio Collar is serious about science but comfy with every day people. 


    • Creating a logo which is serious and yet comfortable.

    The Radio Collar Benefits

    • Education for everyone.
    • Helping to bring real science topics to every day people.


    The design goal for the logo was to generate an impression of serious science and still present as comforting and cute. Sticking with current trends, I wanted to go for a minimalist design using flat design elements. All graphics were created in Adobe Illustrator. 


    Logo Development

    The hosts shared some initial ideas and direction regarding the logo design. The podcast content focuses on biology and wildlife research, so it felt necessary to incorporate an animal into the design. The hosts wanted the design to be adaptable over time, so they suggested the design might start with a an animal like a fox and in the future the animal could be substituted with another while maintaining the rest of the design. Incorporating a casual comforting element we leaned towards having the animal element wearing some type of headphones as it also plays on the auditory component of the podcast. 

    Initial Design

    First Logo Designs:

    I mocked up a fox head with some basic earbuds and a headphone cord leading into the type for the Podcast name. Additionally, I leaned towards a bold font in all caps for the typography to provide a more serious feel to the design.

    The Radio Collar

    Second Logo Design 

    Podcast artwork fits in a square, so the next step was to start applying the design ideas into a square framework. I then added an earthy/nature texture to the background (rather than the text as it was previously) to fit other environmental elements to the design. Maintaining large bold font and a graphic to occupy most of the space. 

    The Radio Collar

    Final Logo Design 

    The final design has a prominent graphic and font, but the colors for the background are muted in comparrison to previous designs to keep the focus on the graphic and Podcast name.

    Results & Next Steps

    • The Radio Collar is recording now and expects to begin airing in 2018.

    • As new seasons air, designs will change to incorporate other animals or nature elements and different styles of headphones.